Are you looking for a home?

If you are in need of a stable place to live and you are a young adult aging out of foster care, on SSDI/SSI, homeless Veteran or at risk of being homeless, we got you covered!

Who We Serve:

  • Those Struggling to Obtain Affordable Housing

  • Clients With a Representative Payee Service or a Dedicated Agency Paying on Their Behalf

  • Youth Aged out of Foster Care

  • Veterans

  • Homeless

  • Ex-Offenders

  • Domestic Violence Survivors

  • Displaced Homeless Families

Currently serving the Greater Tampa Bay area.

What We Offer:

What We Offer:

  • Paid Utilities:

    • Water

    • Internet

    • Electricity

    • Garbage and Sewer

  • Drug and Alcohol Free Environment

  • Private and semi-private rooms

  • Washer and Dryer

  • Internet Access

  • Security Camera Monitoring

  • Monthly Cleaning Service

  • Quarterly Pest Control

We strive to provide safe, affordable, all-inclusive living arrangements.

Submit application to live here!

Once you decide you want to live here and your income comes from a stable source of income, like SSI, SSDI, or another funding source that can be used for housing. Apply here immediately. Our homes fill up rather quickly. Once You apply go on and sign up with Payee Service and email us at

Sign Up With a Rep Payee Service

Monthly payment is received directly from an agency or a Representative Payee Service. We do not accept private pay clients. Once you sign up with Payee Service email us email us at with your account number. At that time your application will move to the top of the line. Please sign up with one of these agencies.

Representative Payee Companies

A 1 Payee Service

Generations Family Services

Greater Triangle Rep Payee Service